The Importance Of
Strategic Power

Innovative, reinventive, and disruptive differentiation are at the heart of strategic power. Maximizing strategic power is all about assessing the external enviornment and focusing and aligning how your organization defines and achieves its strategic direction and competitive differentiation. Without maximizing strategic power there is no foundation for accelerating market leadership.

Maximizing Strategic Power

Attaine works with your Senior Leadeship Team to define
strategic direction and competitive advantage.

Leading Transformation

Review how Attaine works with and through the Leadership Team to define and achieve your transformation goals.


Establishing Urgency

Determine 'Why now?,' 'What if we don't?,' and the impact of each decision. Build consensus across the Leadership Team.


Assessing Readiness

Conduct a candid review of current and past strategic success or failture. Identify and close readiness gaps.


Developing Level 1 Strategic Power

Articulate and build consensus around the current strategic direction. Set a solid foundation for future growth.


Developing Level 2 Strategic Power

Building on Level 1 Strategic Power, identify and leverage business function reinvention opportunities.


Developing Level 3 Strategic Power

Building on Level 1 Strategic Power, identify and leverage enterprise-wide reinvention or disruption opportunities.

David Seregow, EdD "...helped us articulate and communicate our vision and strategy. We were all quickly impressed with David. He took his role to levels well beyond our expectations..." Cisco Systems Services Solutions Optimization

The Importance Of Guided

When strategic promises and goals are not realized, the strategy is often thought to be the cause of poor or failing performance. In most cases, though, it's not the strategy but the transformation process that has failed. Strategic impact is the result of successfully guiding transformation, from maximimizing strategic power, to accelerating market leadership, to maintaining sustainable advantage.

Accellerating Market Leadership

Attaine continues working with your Senior Leadeship Team to execute
and maintain strategic direction and sustainable advantage.

Empowering Transformation

Expanding the power to change to those impacted by the transformaton — specific functions or the entire enterprise.


7 Dysfunctions That Hinder Transformation

A well functioning organization is essential to successful transformation. Seven dysfunctions that hinder success.


Executing Strategic Direction And Sustainable Advantage

Operationalizing the new or updated strategic direction and competitive advantage, aligning it with the enterprise.


Maintaining Strategic Direction And Sustainable Advantage

Optimizing the performance of the new or updated strategic direction and competitive advantage, accelerating results.

David Seregow, EdD " a consummate professional who has a deep working knowledge of the business practices that determine strategic success. He is highly motivated and passionate about providing the most accurate, thorough, and timely guidance possible. David's focus is always on “you” the client and what you would like to accomplish." Dr. Thomas Needham, CEO, Global Executive Resources