Dr. David Seregow And
Attaine Advantage Corporation

Located in Silicon Valley (San Jose, California), David Seregow, EdD is the founder and CEO of Attaine Advantage Corporation. David Seregow is a Strategic Transformation Advisor, Coach, and Facilitator providing the practices of the Chief Strategy Officer. David conducts all of Attaine's client engagements.

David Seregow's primary goal is driving value as a trusted adviser, creating empowering relationships that enable executives and leadership teams to accelerate strategic success. For more than twenty-five years, David has, through Attaine, worked with more than seventy companies and organizations on over two-hundred-fifty projects and initiatives.

With extensive experience leading and participating on virtual teams, advising, briefing, coaching, and facillitating can be effectively and successfully conducted virtually enabling your Leadership Team and Stakeholders to fully engage with the transformation process without having to be in the same location.

Client Engagement

With a focus of advising and collaboration, David Seregow, through Attaine, works with the Senior Leadership Team to define what they want to accomplish and how to measure and achieve success. Attaine partners with your Leadership Team in one or a combination of the following forms of engagement:

  • Advising — One or more meetings scheduled as needed or at specific times to provide general or specific guidance on your strategic planning.
  • Briefings — One-hour to four-hour high-value, interactive sessions addressing issues and practices impacting strategic performance and success.
  • Coaching — On-going guidance and support flexibly arranged to meet the level and frequency of interaction required to achieve team and each team member's goals.
  • Collaborative Facilitation — Working closely with the Leadership Team to collaboratively facilitate implementation and completion of the transformation framework and process. This level of engagement is highly recommended for those organizations wanting to achieve reinventive or disruptive strategic transformation across the enterprise.

Dr. Seregow's Professional Background

  • University of Southern California — EdD, Enterprise and Human Performance Development, Performance Consulting.
  • Stanford University — Doctoral Studies.
  • University of California, Santa Cruz — Executive and Entrepreneurial Business Studies.
  • San Jose State University — Post-M.A., Clinical Psychology, Assessment.
  • San Jose State University — M.A., Human Performance Development.
  • Bethany University — B.A., Social Science, Theology.
  • Professional Development — Extensive study, action-learning workshops, and seminars in the definition, execution, and management of strategic direction, innovation, reinvention, and transformation.