Leading Transformation

Maximizing Strategic Power

Successfully leading transformation is the most important enabler for maximizing strategic power, accelerating market leadership, and sustaining market advantage. The transformation framework and process provided by Attaine guide the Leadership Team through the iterative cycles of analysis, planning, execution, and evaluation to achieve the desired strategic goals. The result is a sustainable, repeatable process that more fully leverages your enterprise's potential to generate revenue and profit.

The Transformation Leadership Team initially consists of C-Level roles and selected direct reports who are committed to and will sponsor transformation. Inadequate leadership is the cause of transformation failure in most cases. Sponsors are leaders who take accountability for the success of the transformation.

Attaine works closely with the Leadership Team throughout the entire process. Attaine's primary role is to present the transformation framework and guide the team through the process, challenge assumptions, and create the interactive engagement that leads the team toward making the best decisions. What those decisions are is determiend by the Leadershsip Team.

With extensive experience leading and participating on virtual teams, advising, briefing, coaching, and facillitating can be effectively and successfully conducted virtually enabling your Leadership Team and Stakeholders to fully engage with the transformation process without having to be in the same location.

As the transformation process moves forward, additional stakeholders, thought leaders, and stakeholder groups become key partners in the achievement of strategic goals.

Benefits Of A Proven, Well-Managed Process

Research (The Palladium Group) has shown that 70% of organizations that use a formal process to define and manage strategy out-perform their peers by:

  • Increasing price share.
  • Growing revenue.
  • Gaining customer loyalty.
  • Strengthening employee commitment.
  • Creating brand value.
  • Optimzing resource allocation.
  • Reducing cycle times.
  • Mananging risk.

Other benefits include:

  • Shared views of strategic direction specifics.
  • Shared mental model of how to transform the business.
  • Deeper learning and consensus.

How Attaine Partners With Your Transformation Leadeship Team

With a focus of advising and collaborating with the Transformation Leadership Team to define what they want to accomplish and how to measure and achieve success, Attaine partners with your Leadership Team in one or a combination of the following forms of engagement:

  • Advising — One or more meetings scheduled as needed or at specific times to provide general or specific guidance on your strategic planning.
  • Briefings — One-hour to four-hour high-value, interactive sessions addressing issues and practices impacting strategic performance and success.
  • Coaching — On-going guidance and support flexibly arranged to meet the level and frequency of interaction required to achieve team and each team member's goals.
  • Collaborative Facilitation — Working closely with the Leadership Team to collaboratively facilitate implementation and completion of the transformation framework and process. This level of engagement is highly recommended for those organizations wanting to achieve reinventive or disruptive strategic transformation across the enterprise.

Initiating The Transformation Leadership Team

Actions and outcomes associated with initiating the Transformation Leadership Team and this important first step of the transformation process include:

  • Reviewing Attaine's transformation framework and process.
  • Defining the Transformation Leadership Team, members, roles, and responsibilities.
  • High-level scheduling and planning of initial meetings and working sessions, specifying desired outcomes.