Managing Strategic Direction And
Sustainable Advantage

Accelerating Market Leadeship

The focus of this step in the strategic transformation process is to optimize performance by managing, evaluating, and modifying transformation to achieve quick wins and accelerate time to results.

Often, companies wrongly believe that the last step in the transformation process is execution. But once executed, the transformation must be carefully managed until sustainable, normalized performance is achieved. And even then, issues and events happen that require fine-tuning.

It's definately not a "build and forget" process. To sustain success, the Strategic Leadership Team will need to meet at regular monthly intervals throughout the year. And at least once, preferably twice, a year the transformation will need to be evaluated and possibly modified to maintain success.

Managing Strategic Direction And

Sustainable Advantage — Actions And Outcomes

Key actions and outcomes associated with optimizing performance and managing transformation during this step of the transformation process include:

  • Mobilizing and alinging the organization.
  • Managing the transformation, achieving quick wins.
  • Managing portfolios.
  • Conducting monthly strategic transformation meetings.
  • Sharing best practices.
  • Making change stick, normalization.
  • Twice-yearly strategic evaluation.
  • New cycle-year kickoff.

With extensive experience leading and participating on virtual teams, advising, briefing, coaching, and facillitating can be effectively and successfully conducted virtually enabling your Leadership Team and Stakeholders to fully engage with the transformation process without having to be in the same location.