Assessing Readiness

Maximizing Strategic Power

The focus of this third step in the strategic transformation process is to assess readiness for transformation. During step 2 of the transformation process, Establishing Urgency, the required level of strategic power, Level 1, 2, or 3, was determined. Readiness assessment will be conducted as appropriate to the needs of the selected level of strategic power.

The goal of this step is to establish whether or not adequate understanding, capabilities, and resources exist to define, execute, and manage the transformation. And, if any transformation requirements are weak or missing, to close those gaps. Strategic transformation is an iterative process and the issues addressed during this step will likely also be addressed, as appropriate, during future steps.

Assessing Readiness — Actions And Outcomes

Key actions and outcomes associated with assessing readiness during this third step of the transformation process include:

  • Reviewing the currently-used process for strategic planning and its outcomes.
  • Determining Leadership Team time availability and adding members to the team as needed based on the assessment.
  • Evauating the level of support available for change management, communications, and general project support.
  • Identifying and planning to strengthen or close any readiness gaps.
  • Conducting one-to-one interviews with the Transformation Leadership Team
  • Completing Readiness Assessment Briefing.
  • Completing Transformation Framework And Process Overview Briefing.
  • Building consensus and buy-in across the Transformation Leadership Team and with additionally identified stakeholders.

With extensive experience leading and participating on virtual teams, advising, briefing, coaching, and facillitating can be effectively and successfully conducted virtually enabling your Leadership Team and Stakeholders to fully engage with the transformation process without having to be in the same location.