Establishing Urgency

Maximizing Strategic Power

The focus of this second step in the strategic transformation process is to conduct a candid, transparent evaluation of your current situation, establish urgency, and make decisions for taking action. "Are we meeting our current strategic goals - if not why not?" "What challenges are we facing?" "What opportunities do we see?" "What should we do?" "What if we delay taking action or don't take acion at all?"

The goal of this step is to develop the big picture against which the high-level decisions are made for moving forward. Strategic transformation is an iterative process and many of the issues addressed during this step will also be addressed in more depth during future steps.

Establishing Urgency — Actions And Outcomes

Key actions and outcomes associated with establishing urgency during this second step of the transformation process include:

  • Summarizing the current situation.
  • Determining the level of urgency for taking action.
  • Deciding what action should be taken and why.
  • Estimating the impact of the desired action.
  • Describing the high-level strategic destination.
  • Determining the required level of strategic power - Level 1, 2, or 3.
  • Developing and communicating a compelling story and business case supporting the need for action.
  • Building consensus and buy-in across the Transformation Leadership Team.

With extensive experience leading and participating on virtual teams, advising, briefing, coaching, and facillitating can be effectively and successfully conducted virtually enabling your Leadership Team and Stakeholders to fully engage with the transformation process without having to be in the same location.